In a Nuclear Plant having an insect infestation, hire lizards to eat them. The lizards eat all the snakes but each have a drop of nuclear waste on them. As the lizards migrate to Nowhere, they grow into dinosaurs (not the dinosaurs lizards already are, but the dinosaurs like the ones in Jurassic Park). When they reach the Bagge`s farmhouse, they are fully mutated. Hungry from their long walk, the dinosaurs knock on the door to find food. When Courage gets the door, he looks up at the humungous dinosaurs, instantly closes the door, and runs up to the computer room screaming. Courage types on the computer asking how to get rid of dinosaurs. The computer tells Courage that dinosaurs are just lizards (which he already knew), that dinosaurs aren`t extinct (which he already knew as well), and said birds eat small lizards, so big birds eat big lizards. Right when Couage is about to ask where to find large birds, the dinosaurs chomp the computer and the entire right side of the computer room. Courage runs down the stairs and sees Eustace watching Fiftyfoot Flyer (parody of Big Bird) on Same Street (parody of Sesame Street) but as soon as he notices Courage, changes the channel to a show with John R. Dilworth. Courage has an idea and runs really fast to Hollowood on the Same Street set. Courage is on the Same Street show as Eustace is watching it. Eustace throws a few tomatoes on Courage on TV. Courage is asking Fiftyfoot Flyer to come down to Nowhere for lunch. Courage, on Fiftyfoot Flyer`s head, approaches Nowhere. Eustace, with nearly the entire farmhouse destroyed (excluding Muriel in the cellar, the cellar, Eustace, and the TV), is still watching Same Street with John R. Dilworth and an ELMO projector (parody of Sesame Street`s Elmo) and notices Fiftyfoot Flyer missing. While Fiftyfoot Flyer eats the dinosaurs offscreen, John R. Dilworth makes noodles on the ELMO projector. After Fiftyfoot Flyer eats all the dinosaurs and returns to the Same Street set, Courage rebuilds the farmhouse. When he does, he lays face-up in front of the farmhouse. A lizard climbs on Courage and has a drop of nuclear waste on him. Courage gets up as the lizard grows into a dinosaur. Courage asks how to get to the Same Street set as the episode ends.


  • Johnny and Dukey from Johnny Test each make a cameo in this episode.
  • This episode proves that dinosaurs are lizards and technically not extinct.
  • The title of this episode is a parody of the film Jurassic Park, which was also about large lizards (dinosaurs).
  • The reason of the lizards migrating to Nowhere is probably because of the nuclear waste.
  • First appearance of Fiftyfoot Flyer.