Mizu (engl. Water) is a young, short girl and the daughter of the black puddle Queen.




Bianca, black puddle princess


shipping others (thinking that they are togheter), her cleaver


blond, long hair, dark ninja suit, blue eyes without a pupil and a darkblue necklace with a golden bell


"Ain't that/you/he/she/it/they...?"

First appearance

Two worlds and one adventure

Biography Edit

She was born in Germany and worked for some kind of secret base to carry radioactive things. One day she dropped one of it, and the liquid made her gain a psychic power, namely the power to make things (even herself and others) float.

Spoiler to the story "Two worlds and one adventure"

Mizu didn't know exactly who her parents were, and one day she and her adopted sister kinda "teleported" to Nowhere trough a portal with a mistake, and became friends (as sometimes enemies) with Katz, the Cajun fox and as it be obvious, Courage.

With her new friends they could defeat an enemy who was in their way and she and her sister did came back to their own world.

Triva Edit

-she dislikes water, even if she can turn into water

-her sister is Mikado