The Courage Fanfiction Wiki is a fun wiki, even more fun if you follow the rules below! Any of these pages breaking these rules will be deleted. The number near each rule is how many points you lose if you break them. If you lose 200 or more points, you will be banned


  • Do not edit other user`s profiles (40)
  • Do not edit pages that you HAVE NOT made (30)
  • Do not write bad words on any part of the wiki (100)
  • Do not make up characters that are based off God (200)
  • (NOTE: Question marks should not be used in the making of the template described below) All characters must have the infobox "Template:Character" and 2 }}`s on the right side of "Template:Character" and 2 {{`s on the left side of "Template:Character" (30)
    • For the "bg color 1" of the infobox, type in the color of the background of your picture
    • For the "hidea" of the infobox, type in three question marks
    • For the "bg color 2" of the infobox, type in white
    • Leave the "#6" of the infobox blank
  • Add categories to your own articles (20)