Early Christmas Morning, Courage wakes up and heres something. Courage goes down to explore, being very careful to not wake Muriel and Eustace. He sees dust coming from the chimney as a wierd, mutant reindeer comes out of the chimney and crashes through the door. Santa needs to get that reindeer and give it some "Santa Spice" before Muriel and Eustace wake up in order to save Christmas. Courage decides to work with Santa to get it back. Santa decides to use his sleigh (which turns out to be a motorcycle) to catch it. Santa and Courage drive the "sleigh" and catch up with the rogue reindeer. After several failed attempts to catch it, Santa drives the "sleigh" back to the Bagge Farmhouse. Santa climbs back up the chimney as Muriel and Eustace wake up. Courage closes his eyes and shivers as presents pour out of the tree all adressed for Muriel and Courage. Eustace finds coal in his stocking and blames the "stupid coal-makin` dog". Courage talks to Santa on the computer and asks why Christmas wasn`t destroyed since the reindeer wasn`t captured. Santa tells Courage that Christmas is about celebrating Jesus`s birth and not presents. Courage decides to e-mail all his presents to charity via internet (which Muriel does every Christmas unknown to Courage). The cartoon ends.